SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization is the process and an art of Rank your blog/website or it's content on unpaid section of the search engine. In more simple words Search Engine Optimization means to improve the visibility of your blog or website in the SERPs (search engine result pages).

                       Search engine optimization

Why SEO is The Important Factor For Success In Blogging ?

SEO helps in providing a rank for your site in Search engine. Ranking your site on search engine is not so easy but if once you did it, your blog start getting a dozens of organic traffic.

What is SERP ?

SERP stands for Search Engine Result Pages. As the name suggests, these are the pages displayed on search engine in response to a query by the searcher.

How To Rank Your Blog Or Website on SERPs

• Keyword

When someone want to find any information they make a search on search engine, the specific word that used by them is known as keyword.

Identify and aim to a specific keyword phrase of your niche.

The more you optimize your keyword, the more your SERPs rank will be improve.

Keyword is the basic thing that you need to know if you want to rank your website/blog on Search engine.

• Content

You may have definitely heard Content is the King. We know that blog is type of website that works on the basis of written content, that means content is the most important part of a blog. 

So you need to understand search engine like Google, always try to provide the best result to it's users. That means if your content is enough good to provide a better experience to the searchers and provides/help them in finding out with why they were there for, then google will rank your article in search engine. 

• Backlinks

Backlink (AKA incoming or inbound links) is that link of your website/blog (or the link of a particular article of your website/blog) that is getting from another website/blog.
Backlink play a most important role in SEO.

The website/blog having the highest number of backlinks, ranks on top of SERPs.

• Link-worthy sites

If you are the one who are still using "Click here" links on your blog articles then let me clear you that those "click here" links have no value in SERPs beyond the attached URL. Always try to use descriptive links by linking keyword, that will not only improves SEO but will also helpful to all your readers, mostly for those, having disabilities in knowing about that particular keyword.

• Page Speed (including mobile page speed)

Google always aim at improving users experience. So speed of pages (how much faster your pages are loading) of your blog/website plays a important role in SEO. 

Google, in 2018 announced that the pages having slow speed will be penalized. Surely if your site/blog has a slow loading, not only affect your readers but also will affect your SERP ranking.

Final Words

PsysoxTech will be back with a detailed article of all the points listed above. I hope it is now clear to you that how much important SEO is. Above are some of the ways to rank your site on search engine, there are many more ways to rank. More will be updated on PsysoxTech so make sure to subscribe us through newsletter, you can find it on Footer on the Homepage.

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