Google AdSense is an advertisement network brought to you by Google itself through which you  can earn money by placing ads in your blog/website or an application.
It works on CPC (Cost Per Click) method that means you get paid for each time your readers click on your ads. Price for each click varies from country wise. Every country have different CPC.

Google AdSense | earn money with AdSense

Why Google AdSense?

• Trust -

We all are aware of Google, it is a brand in itself. So the first reason to go for Google AdSense is it's trust factor.

• No Limits of Applying

If you were once rejected by AdSense, they will send you a mail containing all the point that why your request got disapproved by them. You can cover up all those points and again can apply for it. You can do it till your request isn't accepted.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Applying or Google AdSense -

You have to take it very seriously that Google and all of it's services aren't a joke, they are very strict regarding their Term of services (TOS). So about Google AdSense.

Only a single mistake is enough to lose your AdSense account. So don't even think of trying to cheat with Google. You may be don't know about yourself as much as google knows every single thing that you even can't think of.

Which Type of Sites Not Approved

There are many type of content which is illegal or not fitting at Term of Services of Google AdSense. Below are some of the examples of those type of site which aren't able to get approved by AdSense.

1. Violent Content -

We know that google is a platform that has made our life easier by providing us help in almost every thing. So if your blog aims at providing harm to others than forgot about AdSense you aren't going to earn anything with such bad thinking.

2. Hacking/Cracking -

Hacking can be used for crime so google never ever approve such sites with "How to hacking" contents.

However, if you are sharing ethical content like "How to protect your data from being hacking" or articles like CyberSecurity, then you don't need to worry about this. You aren't doing something illegal, instead you are trying to help others.

But Just keep in mind that you have to share genuine content.

3. Selling Illegal Things -

It includes Alcohol, drugs, weapons. All those illegal things which can harm you or others comes under this point. Your motive should be to help other, not to harm others.

What Should Not To Do -

1. Copyright Content

As I already told you above that Google knows about you better than you knows about your choices. 

All the big advertisement networks such as Google AdSense or will easily catch you if you have a copyrighted content in your blog.

So always keep in mind that you are here to help others and not just to earn money or to provide benefit to yourself. Copying from other blog/sites will never be in your favor in any way.

Don't worry if your blog contains copyrighted content, you don't need to create a new blog, just remove every copied content before applying for AdSense. 

2. Purchasing Traffic or Paid Traffic

If you are just promotion your site on social media isn't a policy violation. But if you are buying traffic by illegal way than not only AdSense but any other site will reject or disapprove your AdSense account.

I recommend you to visit AdSense landing page Quality guidelines to know what Google expects from you.

If you already have one, then that will be banned soon. So remember, Google easily can track if you are purchasing traffic for your site.

Basic Requirements Before Applying On Google AdSense -

•  Of course, first you need a Blog/website or an app. Here we are doing it with a blog so make sure your blog Completely setup and all important pages are added in it.

•  Secondly, your must be 18+ or you can apply using your parents name frok which you got permission to do so.


This is a complete guidance for Google AdSense which includes all of it's criteria. One more thing I am repeating again that you can't cheat Google, I said it again because I know some of you are thinking to click on your ads from different PC/Smartphones devices.

If you are one of them then let me tell you that Google has enough intelligence than you think. So always be honest. Keep working hard without any cheating. Your hard work will surely pays off one day.

At last I recommend you to visit official page google to know AdSense Program policies in more brief words.

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