Basically a blog is a type of website in which an individual person or a small groups of people write articles usually on an individual content (or a fixed topic).

Blogger vs WordPress which is better ?

A Blog Can Be Used In Two Ways

• Private - Just for your personal use

• Public - To share your knowledge or views on a particular topic throughout the world.

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A publicly accessible blog can be found in Search Engine, can be visited through links available on blog owner's social media profile, emails Or E-newslatter Etc.

As the digital world is continuously growing and updating, people are becoming more and more dependent on digital services and products. In the same way a blog needs to be updated over a time period (may be daily or weekly) so that all the changes or all the latest information should be distributed or delivered among all the reader and this is called blogging.

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  1. Pros, : Why to go for blogger?
  2. Cons : Why not blogger?
  • WordPress []
  1. Pros  : Why to go for WordPress?
  2. Cons : Why not WordPress?
  • Summing up
  • My opinion
  • Final words

What is a Blog & Blogging ? Blogging for Beginners v/s | Pros And Cons :-

1. Blogger []

(a). Pros : Why To Go For Blogger?

It is totally a free platform

Yes ! is a free platform. like other blogging platform, you doesn't need to purchase hosting space, you already have it but it owns by
Also your blogging will be free with domain.

But please note down that you can go for a paid custom domain (e.g whenever you want.

Also, if you wish to create more blogs then let me tell you that you can create a dozens of blog using at free of cost.

• No need of Coding skills

If you already know coding then it will be beneficial in creating your own unique blogger template, but if you don't, then still no need to worry. You don't need to be master in coding languages like java , python , C++ etc., to design your blog you can get thousands of ready-made template on Google.

• Simplicity

It take a few simple steps to create a blog with
In addition, has the easiest interface that why  it will be the best or newbies.

You can change Blogger theme, edit layout, add new gadgets to your blog in very simple steps.

• No storage limit and bandwidth

You do not need to be concerned about its storage limit, it is free but it does not mean that you have limited access to use the storage.

You can write unlimited articles without worrying word limit. But only limited thing is that your can create 100 blogs with a single blogger account. I don't think it's not a big problem, nobody gonna create

(b). Cons : Why not Blogger?

  You have access to do anything with your blog like editing layout, change theme, add pages on your blog, commenting, publishing new articles etc., but blogger reserve right to delete your blog even without notifying you but only if you violate any rule of blogger content policy. So be careful.

  Blogger doesn't provide us any type of SEO help.

2. WordPress []

WordPress is an open-source content management system licensed under GPLv2, that means anyone can use WordPress.

(a). Pros of WordPress

• Complete Access

Like blogger, your hosting doesn't belongs to any other company. It simply means that there is no fear of breaking any privacy because you are the only one whom the ownership and copyright of the blog belongs to.

•  Support from WordPress

WordPress comes with courses and tutorials for everything you need for growing or improving your Blogging skills. The WordPress community is much active in such matter

•  Theme and Plugins

As in blogger, It was hard to find out A template of your choice or exactly Same As You Want. In this case, WordPress Give You Advantage by providing Both Free and Paid Types of Template.

 Also It has Many Plugins that helps to extend the Site Reach. And the plus point is Every Single Template And Plugin Has Its Own Support Form. 

•  Helps to Rank better on SERP

If you make a search on google, You will find out that most of the Sites/Blog ranked on Search Engine are WordPress blogs. This is because WP blogs are built with simple and constant codes which makes them ideal for SERP.

•  They are continuously active

Talking about the finest trend, latest technology and everything that needs to improve blogging, WordPress always stays up-to-date.

This is the best thing that they are continuously updating and also add more variety of new tools and plugins that will be helpful in improving search engine rank.

(b). Cons of WordPress

  As I already told your that you are the only owner of your blog in WordPress platform. That means you are responsible for security, updates or anything you have done with your blog.

•  WordPress is quite expensive

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Summing Up -

WordPress has hundreds of plugins that can add more features in your wp blog. Also WordPress provides us all courses to improve SEO and everything that you need throughout your blogging journey.

Whereas, blogger doesn't have plugins but it has gadgets and even they don't provide us any help from their side about SEO and other blogging courses. But still don't worry, you can find out thousands of article that will help you in growing your blog.

In blogger, your hosting is owned by so they can remove your blog when you break any content policy
But in WordPress, your blogs hosting belongs to you so no other person or company have rights to remove/delete your blog.

Talking about security, blogger is owned by google so you are completely safe, no one can even hack your blog.

And in WordPress, in it's history they don't have powerful security system. But from last some years it has changed a lot, WordPress has become hack-proof and all security systems are updating as much as possible.

My Opinion

Both Blogger and WordPress are amazing platforms for Blogging. However, WordPress provides you everything at one place but it's quite expensive. So my opinion is if you are able to invest a good amount of money then you must go for WordPress. If you can't invest or go want to go for free, is best for you. 

One more thing, you can jump from one platform to another. Like, you can change your blogging platform from Blogger to WordPress, whenever you want and it also doesn't affect any post or pages of your blog

Final Word

In this article we have cover What is Blogging and Comparison between two most famous Blogging platforms i.e v/s Now I hope this article helped you in choosing a better platform to start your blogging journey.

If I have left any point then please comment below so that we can update the article ASAP and all the newbies don't have to face any type of problems.

Also if you are facing any hardness then still you can comment with your problem, we will try to reply soon.