Now days many people interested in blogging and they also start it very easily but at one point they get stuck not only starters also many other bloggers.

 The most common question is should I blog on one topic or should I blog on multiple topics?  If you don’t know so much about blogging you can check here Introduction of Blogging.

So firstly if we are talking about blogging then I would like to tell you that in blogging we often refer to a blog’s topic as its “niche”.

Blog Niche

There are many new bloggers who thinks that if I will cover all topics like photography, fashion, cooking, health and travel in my blog then it will attract more readers to their blog.

But first let me explain you about single topic and multi topics blog –

Single Topic/ Niche blog

It is so simple to understand, if you have own a blog and posting there about a fixed and particular topic, then you have single Niche of your blog. A single niche blog is far better than a multi niche blog.

If you have a single niche blog then your blog will have permanent audience because if a viewer is interested in your one article then definitely they'll be also interested in your other articles.

Multi Topic/ Niche Blog

A Multi- niche blog is a blog in which you write anything and about any topic you like. But a multi niche blog need more effort, there are many other bloggers who are running multi niche blog.

We saw many blogs having multi topics in a single blog but they are very old, and that time there is not enough competition and no need to worry about SEO to rank higher.

Which is better and why?

If you want to create a blog just for fun, then multi topic blog is good where you can write and post about anything you like but if you’re blogging for money and career then single topic blog is best choice.

Why single niche blog?

1. Targeted Traffic – In multi topic blog there is less possibilities that the person that are interested in your one article will be interested in other but if you have a single niche blog then definitely the person that are interested in your one article they will surely interested in other article also. And you will have permanent traffic.

2. SEO – SEO stands for (Search Engine Optimization). In single niche blog you have to de many optimizations and also hard work to rank your blog. 

But if we talk about multi niche blog then you need double hard work but after so much hard work there are many multi topic blog which are unable to rank on Google.

Because, for a multi topic blog, it is very hard, to find backlinks.

3. Monetization - We know that most of the bloggers bloggers do blogging for making money. We all know that the main source o earning through blog is Google AdSense. A single topic blog can easily get approval by AdSense if it has quality content and no copyright violation issue.

But a multi topic blog has less chance to get AdSense approval and by chance if it will get approval by AdSense then you need lots of effort for earning.

Final Words

Well, choosing a niche for blog is very tough and crucial part of blogging and almost every one face this problem in starting. If you want to earn a handsome amount through blogging then work hard and select a cool niche for your blog.

Thank you.

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