In the Previous article of blogging, we have told you about how to purchase a domain from Godaddy.

You can visit this page - To know How to Purchase Domain from Godaddy and all other Important things about having a custom domain.

How To Setup A Domain in Blogger From Godaddy [Step By Step] - Psysox Tech

So this article is about "How to setup your domain name in Blogger from Godaddy"
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How to connect a domain to website or blog

Steps to Setup your Godaddy domain in you Blogger's Blog -

1.(a).  Go to blogger >> settings >> Basic

Blog setting

1.(b).  Under Publishing Section, click on + Setup A Third party URL for your blog link, here add the domain name You purchased (Format should be  e.g and click on the save button.

1.(c).  Now, You will see a error page saying "We have not been able to verify your authority to the domain, Error 12"

blog setting

1.(d).  Now you have A page like Shown in below Screenshot !!

third party domain setting

In the Screenshot, You can See 4 colour boxes [To Make it easily understandable, I have named them Red (1)Blue (2) , Black (3) And Green (4)] copy all four codes in your Notepad. And leave this page as it is

2.(a). Now Visit your Godaddy Dashboard in new tab. Click on Your profile Icon in the top right Corner of your desktop.


2.(b) Click on my product  (there you will see all your purchased domains)

Godaddy dashboard

2.(c) Click on DNS of the site in which you want to setup your purchased Domain. Now you'll see A Screen like this (Below Screenshot)


2.(d)  At the Bottom you can see a "Add" option.

Godaddy setting

2.(e)  Tap on that "Add" option >> tap on Select >> CNAME
Now, There are 2 blank boxes i.e. Host and Points To
Now go to Notepad where you have copied all 4 codes of step 1.(d)

Copy the -> Red(1)
And paste it in the Host Box
Copy the -> Blue(2)
And paste it in the Points To box
Click on Save

Note : If you see any Error after this step that means You already Have CNAME with www name in above list Like in Screen shot

In case If You see this Error. Just cancel  this above step and Click on Edit on the CNAME that was alreasy in the list

2.(f)  Now, again tap on Add option. Now, copy remaining codes [i.e Black(3) And, Green(4)] from Notepad and Paste according to below Screenshot and click on save

Godaddy domain

2.(g)  Now, Go back to your Blogger tab, Click On Setting Instruction link (See below Screenshot)

Blogger setting

2.(h)   It will bring you to a new Page where You are provided with four I.P Addresses. Copy all Four I.P's In your notepad.

IP Addresses to set up domain

2.(i)   Now, Visit The Godaddy Tab. And click on "Add" option again

2.(j)   Forget the CNAME this time select "A" in it.

2.(k)  There will be 2 Blank fields again [i.e Host and Points to]
In the Host Box, Just enter "@"
And In the Points to box, Paste The first I.P (from 4  I.P's that you have Copied in  and pasted in Notepad or anywhere) And click on Save

IP address

Again repeat above step 2.(k) and paste Fill the Host box with "@" and Points to box with second I.P and Repeat the step till 4th IP should be added in the list.

Now, Go back to the blogger tab. Mark on "redirect from to" option. And then Click on save option.

Redirect your site

That's it

You can Check if domain is added to your blog or not, by If it isn't redirecting you to your site than wait for 10 minutes and try again this last step.

 Final Words

This article is detailed step wise explanation of How to setup a domain in blogger. If you still don't know how to Purchase a domain from Godaddy then Click here and teader our previous Article. Comment below is you are still facing any problem we'll reply ASAP.
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