After creating a blog it is the basic thing to setup it. This article will also help you to ready your blog for AdSense. So don't skip any part and let's get started.

How to setup templates, pages inside the blog


On your Bloggers Dashboard >> In Settings

Start from Basic, In the title field you have your blog name. While applying for AdSense or any such programmes, you will be asked for your blog name. So if you wish to edit/change your blog name, your can do it from here.

Just below title, you can add or change your blogger description. [as a demo you can see below Screenshot]

blogging basic settings

Now at the end of the page, there is an option to add a new e-mail. You can add a new admin, author etc., to manage your blog or as a backup e-mail.

How to change author in blog

Post,commenting and sharing
You can change [increase or decrease] the number of post showing on your homepage. Also choose the audience who can comment on your blog posts. [My opinion is to go for users with google account, to prevent your comment section for spammers].

Also, there is an option for comment moderation. You can set it according to you. Again my suggestion is to mark on always and choose an email for comment moderation, in the box just below it.

how to control comments in your posts

• Design -

So the very first thing that we have to do is giving our blog an attractive, unique and responsive design/look to our blog. provides you a very limited templates that are not even good enough, but you don't have to worry about it. You can found thousands of Blogger template on google for free or paid both.

However, free template give you limited access to edit it [Such as, you can't edit credit of it's creator from footer] but if you are able to purchase a paid template that you get more features in it as compared to free template.

Here is a list of some of the sites from where you can download/purchase templates for your blogger blog

You can find out 100's of more such sites. So after downloading a template of your choice, now follow below steps to add this them to your blog.

But wait! Your template must be in zip format. Don't worry there are enough application on play store to unzip it. You can make a search on Unzip on play store and download anyone application with good rating and reviews.
So after extracting your zip file. It's time to know

How To Upload A Template To To Your Blog -

1). On your blogger Dashboard, Go to theme >> Backup/restore

Blog backup and reset

2). Click on choose file

Backup and restore in blog

3). Visit the folder where you have extracted that zip file and select it

4). Click on upload

download your blog data

How To Remove Unnecessary Items From Your Blog -

1). Visit your blog and note unnecessary Gadgets/plugins

2). On your blogger dashboard, go to layout

feature inside blog layout

3). Search for that unnecessary thing that you have noted in step 1

feature in layout option in blog

4). Click on edit button next it that gadget

basic settings of blogging

5). Press remove

remove unwanted settings

Now repeat the same process to remove all other unnecessary things.

Tip - Keeping odd gadgets in your blog can slow down the speed of your blog. The slow speed can disappoint your readers so always try to use a lite theme with least number of gadgets in it to give a better experience for your visitors.

In PsysoxTech, we just have kept only a few gadgets [i.e. menu bar, pages, popular post and a newsletter/subscription box] in our blog. You can check out Psysoxtech's homepage from Here

After the design of your blog is ready. Now it's time to add important pages on your blog.  Before apply for any ad network [such as Google AdSense,],  Affiliate marketing or to get any direct sponsor, you must have these pages on your blog. 

In other words, you can say that without these pages your site/blog is incomplete. Having these pages built trust on your readers and sponsors/advertisers and also are beneficial to you in many such other ways.


1.) Privacy Policy

It is a page in your blog that which disclose about what personal data the blog takes from it's visitors and where it used.

We already have published an article on How to write or create a privacy policy for your blog/site for free. So you can check it out

2). Terms & Conditions

T&C is that page on a website or blog that disclose the rules and regulations of the blog.

3). Contact Us

It is a form through which your readers, advertisers can contact your through email regarding Feedback, help, complaint, sponsorship etc.

Blogger has it's own Contact Us form gadget. However it's not much attractive and have less options that's why we have already published a separate post on How to create an attractive Contact us form for blogger

4). About Us

So, if your blog provides your readers a genuine information, content or products, then you doesn't need to worry about having a open image among your readers. About us of a blog is a page that reveals out the owner, CEO or other person that is owning that blog.

Well, there is not any About us generator till now so you have to create it on your own. As a demo, you can check PsysoxTech's About Us page. It's not too hard to create, you just have to be Honest to your readers.

• Custom Domain

When you newly start a blog on blogger, it comes with a domain. Nowadays, it is mostly used by spammers to having a custom domain is also gives out a genuine vibe. We have recently published articles about Domain


Final Words -

Above tips will help you in providing your blog a genuine and professional look/design. The other thing that matters is your content. Focus on your content and try to improve more and more and always remembers one thing i.e. Content is King.

I hope this article will help you in giving a finishing touch to your Blog. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter box to never miss another update about Blogging.

We will update our content with time.