Blogging, there are so many people who start their blog without any planning and information. They start a blog easily but if we talk about post they don’t write over a fixed content.

They write their post like how to drive car today and next day they start writing about food and health. So before starting a blog you need few Things to keep in mind before starting a blog.

There also many people who start their blog with full planning but at a point they also get stuck. Because of niche, no doubt, selecting a niche for blog might be confusing for many bloggers.

When I start blogging I also face this problem but later with time I got much information about blogging and all you know “Hard work is Key to success” but without smart work you can’t get success.

If you don’t know about niche then let’s start with quick information about niche.

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·      What is Niche?

·      Points to Remember While Selecting Niche

·      Final Words

What is Niche?

In blogging, niche plays a vital role in content writing. Before knowing how to select a niche for your blog, firstly you need to know the meaning of this word.

"Niche" is a specific content over which you write articles of your blog it is the most important and beneficial part of blogging. It helps to target audience to your site.

Select niche for blog

Let me explain with a simple example of Niche -

If you owns a blog and write posts related to "Recipes", it means you are doing food blogging in other words your are actually doing a niche blogging. Then niche of your blog is "Food".

People who will interested about food and cooking will directly comes to your site. And they also like your other post because you are writing about a fixed content and they know that you make post about food recipes.

Points to Remember While Selecting Niche:

1. Interest

You can write a good article if you have knowledge of that subject and also you are interested in that subject. I know there are many peoples who are interested in many areas. So to select a perfect niche first thing is that, write down all the topics in which you are interested.

It can be anything like technology, fashion, sports, lifestyle or love. Now think with a cool mind on which topic you can give your best and select that niche for your blog.

If you are writing articles out of your knowledge and interest, then it would be hard to write. And if you are writing articles based on your knowledge and interest you can write a good article and you can also express your views more easily and in simple words.

2. Competition

As I told you above that with hard work, it is necessary to be smart. Sometimes the beginners select a niche that has much competition and it is very hard to compete because there are many other successful bloggers who are working from many years.

So you can imagine how much tough it will be. Be smart and choose a niche that has less competition in this field of blogging.

I can’t say easy but you can create your identity faster than other highly competitive niche.  

3. Long Term in Future

As we know that blogging is unstoppable and is an ongoing process. Because after 10 year even after 20 year people need knowledge.

So think before selecting a niche for your blog, how long you can come up quality articles. There are many bloggers who can’t run their blog for more than one year.

So before selecting a niche for your blog think about the future.

4. Trend

The work is not yet finished. Now you need both hard and smart work. To make your blog successful you need a good traffic, if you need traffic then you need to select that topics which are popular.

For example if it is the session of cricket world cup and you will write about local cricket tournaments you can imagine which topic will get success.

To find what kind of niche blogs are popular use Google trends or Keywords tools. Take your own time to select niche it is not easy to select a good niche for blog.

5. Income or Profitable

The many reason behind starting a blog is money. Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. Some peoples don’t know that AdSense show ads relevant to your blog.

So select a niche by checking earning and use search engines to find out advertising networks that are providing ads relevant to your blog niche.

Final Words

From my own personal experience it is never easy to select a niche for blog. You need lots of research and planning. If you have some other tips to select a niche for blog then feel free to tell us via comment section. So that we make this post better.

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