Here is the article that everyone was waiting for. Earning money from a blog isn't that easy. If you have a huge number of readers/audience then you can make enough income through blogging. 

How To Earn Money From a Blog - PsysoxTech
So the first thing is, if you are from those who thinks that earning money from blogging is like publishing article and getting paid in return, then my friend you are completely wrong. Read this article on Things To Keep in Mind Before Starting a Blog. Continue reading, your doubt will be cleared till the end of this article.

Methods To Make Money From A Blog - 


There are many Ads network available throughout the internet. Even if you have already searched for earning money from a blog then you had definitely aware of Google AdSense. It is the most famous advertisement network brought to you by the tech giant "Google". Not only Google AdSense but you can go for Also there are many other such ads networks.

All you just need to add a script from these ads network to your blog. Your blog will start showing ads automatically to your readers.

How Can You Earn Money From These Ads ?

Every time your readers click on these ads, you will be paid for it from ads network you used to monetize your blog.

Affiliate Marketing 

It is one of the most profitable method used by Almost every blogger. In comparison to ads network, affiliate network provide you much more income. Even a single purchase made by someone from your audience can bring you much more that a click on contextual ad.

How Can You Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing ?

After signing up from any Affiliate network, you have to put their tracking links in your blog. Your audience will recommend any product or services using that tracking link, if anybody from your audience make a purchase of the recommend product, you will be paid a referral commission from it. 

In most of the Affiliate networks, the referral commission varies from 5%-15% of the actual price of the product.

• Direct Advertisement

So before we move ahead to this point, we need to be clear about How Advertisement networks such as Google AdSense or works.

All of the ads network are like a linking way between Advertisers [i.e companies who want to sell their product or services] and Promoters [i.e Bloggers, YouTubers etc.,]. That means when a company or a person wants to promote his product/services, they contact these ads networks. 
These ads network brings those Product/services to promoters (i.e blogger or YouTubers) because those promoters have their own audience. 
When Bloggers or YouTubers put these ads on their blog and the product and services being reached to the audience. Then these ads network take some commission from the price given by Advertisers and rest price is sent to the Promoter.

Now come back to the point, Direct Advertisement. So what if you'll remove these ads network from between. You'll not have to pay any commission to anyone. This is one of the method preferred by Successful bloggers.

• Sell Your Own E-Books

Above I told you how direct advertising can be beneficial for a blogger. But what if we have our own product ? Think about it, how much beneficial it can be to earn a huge amount of money.

The best part is you are fully known about what you are selling to your audience. 

It is proven by almost each and every successful blogger that selling your own products is much beneficial than placing someones ad on your blog.

Even you can sell your e-book on amazon to earn more profit.

Some Other Methods To Earn Something More From A Blog -

Short Link -

Doesn't matters which type of blog you have. If you add links between your articles then you can earn some amount of money from it. Short links sites works on CPM system.

PPD sites -

PPD stands for Pay Per Download. If your blog article includes application then you can go for PPD sites.

Final Words -

So now I hope it's now clear to you that you won't get paid for publishing articles, instead you will get paid when you have a bigger audience.

Above are some of the methods used and recommended by professionals. These are more methods to make money with a blog. We will update with time to time with more such methods.

There are many successful bloggers who are earning 1M $+ each month and also some bloggers with a income of 500$-1000$/year, depending on your hard work. So keep working, try to give your best. Hard work always pays off.

Keep learning keep growing.