There are many points in blogging where the beginners get stuck and face many problems. Robot.txt and Sitemap is one of the most important topics of blog and very crucial part of blogging. Some new bloggers just copy code from others and paste as same without any edit but I will tell you very simple way or trick through which you can create your own robot.txt file and sitemap.

Robot.txt and Sitemap

Firstly, let me explain you about Robot.txt file.

What is Robot.txt?

Robot.txt is file which contains few lines of simple codes. This file tells web robots which pages on your site to crawl, in other words this file instructs the web crawlers on how to index your blog in search results. Search crawlers always scan the robot.txt file before crawling any web page.

How To Generate Robot.txt File For Your Blog?

Here are few simple steps through which you can easily generate robot.txt of your blog -

STEP 1: Open your blog and tap on view blog.

Blog dashboard

STEP 2: Now type /robots.txt at the end of your blog URL as shown in picture.

Robot.txt file

STEP 3: After that you will get robot.txt file of your blog. Now copy and paste it into your blog through settings.

Robot.txt file

What is Sitemap?

Sitemap is a simple xml file which helps search engines to index your blog or website page and contents in better way.  You also need to submit your blog sitemap in Google Search Console.

How To Generate Sitemap Of Your Blog?

There is a little change but the procedure is same as I mentioned above –

STEP 1: Open your blog and tap on view blog.

blog dashboard

STEP 2: Now type /sitemap.xml at the end of your website or blog URL.


STEP 3: After that you will get the sitemap of your website or blog, now copy the URL and submit it in Google Search Console.


Final Words

Robot.txt file and Sitemap is very important points of blogging and also for Google AdSense. It helps search engines in order to index your website content and pages.

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