Usually, A blog or a website need Privacy Policy and Term and Conditions page as a legal agreement.

Terms and Conditions is a page of the blog or a website that give information about the rules and regulations that comes along with using that particular blog or website.

As we all know Privacy Policy is required by law (if your blog collect any information or data from users) but Terms and Conditions is not required but having this page in your blog/website built trust upon your reader and also beneficial for you because it protect your site from spam or abuses.

Terms and conditions page for website and blog

There are three ways to create a Privacy Policy for blog

•  Self-Written

•  Hire Someone [Paid]

• Generate Free Terms and Conditions Page Online

1). First of all Visit SERPrank's Terms & Conditions generator page From Here

2). Fill all the details asked

Terms and conditions page

• You need to fill -

- Site URL

- Email address

- Your blog's privacy policy page's URL 


- At last, fill the Date Structure

3). Click  "Create my Terms & Conditions page".

That's it!!

As a demo, you can check out PsysoxTech Term and condition page

How To Make Terms & Conditions Page Appear on Your Blog.

In our opinion, your should add this page in the footer (along with Privacy policy, contact us, about us pages) of your blog so that anyone can easily have a eye on it.

Steps For Adding Terms & Conditions Page On Your Blog -

Follow These Steps One By One: 

1). Go to blogger and Click on Pages.

how to setup terms and conditions page inside blog

2). Click on new page and title it as Terms & Conditions and paste the Term and condition that you have generated through SEPRrank, in the main box

create and setup terms and conditions page

3). On the same page, click on settings icon in the right corner of the post page and turn off commenting

How to setup terms and conditions page inside your blogger dashboard

4). Finally, click on Publish.

5). Go to layout :-

If you wish to add this page on Footer

6). Find the footer section and click the edit icon in it.

Setup terms and conditions page inside blog

7). Search for the Pages gadget and click on Plus button in next to it.

How to add term and condition page inside blog

8). There you'll see all the pages of your blog. Tick/Mark on the Terms & Conditions box and Click save.

terms and condition

That's All & It's Done.

If you don't want to add Terms & Conditions page in footer then go back to step 5 and select any different option by your choice except footer and rest all the steps are same.

Final Words

T&C Page (Term and Condition Page) is one of the most important pages that must have on a blog. It isn't required by law but if you still add this page in your blog then it will be beneficial for you and also for your readers. In fact, it is free than their is no harm in adding this on your blog.

Thank You reading. See you soon with a new Blogging article. Till than, Keep Learning and Keep Growing.