Q1).  What is Privacy Policy ?

In Simple words, A Privacy Policy of a site or an application is  a page that explains The site visitors that -

• What data or information we collect from them

• How we obtain these data and information's

• Why and where we use it. 

• How The Data is safe completely protected with us

• Whether this data will be shared with third-parties or not

• Is shared with third-parties, then with whom and how it will be used

Create privacy policy page for blog and website for free

Why a blog needs Privacy Policy Page?

•   To Built trust among your readers

Increasing Cybercrime has created fear among people about leaking of their data or information on the Internet. 

You have your own audience and this is your responsibility to be dedicated and loyal to your readers. You should provide them authority to be informed about how and where and why their data is being used by you. This can Built a strong trust among readers.

•  To get approval from Ads network like Google AdSense and Affiliate Programs

For sure, One of the purpose for blogging is Generating a good income from it. But Of your site or application don't have a Privacy page than You request will not be acceptable for Ads or affiliate programs because if you can't get Open with your readers that it may be possible that You can steal their data for illegal purpose.

How To Create A Good Privacy Policy For Your Blog?

•  Self-Created

If you have enough knowledge than you can create your own written privacy policy page for your blog and that will be really amazing. However Most of the newbies don't have idea of writing a perfect privacy page so they can go for the below method.

•  Generate free Privacy Policy Online

There are hundreds of websites available  in Internet that help in generating Privacy policy online, some are totally free of Cost and others are Paid. 

In this Article, we are generating The Privacy with one of the best free online privacy policy generator i.e SerpRank, It is one of the easiest Privacy Policy generator.

How To Generate A Free Privacy Policy with SerpRank?

1).  Visit Privacy Policy generator page of SerpRank From Here

Generate Privacy policy page

2). Enter your site name and Email in the required boxes

3).  Now, if your blog use COOKIES then select Yes, we use cookies and if your sites doesn't use Cookies than select No, we don't use cookies

4).  Next, It will asking you to select ADVERTISEMENT INFORMATION, so just select from the given options.

Create privacy policy page for your website

5).  Press Create my privacy policy. 

In the next page your Privacy Policy will be ready for Publishing in your Blog

How To Show Privacy Policy Page  on Blogger.com or WordPress.org

1).  For Both Blogger.com & WordPress.org -
 Go to your Blogger dashboard >> Pages 

2). Click on New page and paste your privacy policy there and Title the page as "Privacy Policy"

3).  You can turn off commenting on this page by clicking on setting >> Don't allow

Privacy policy setting in blogger

4).  Click on Publish

5).  Now if you wish to add the privacy page somewhere else in your blog than click on view and then Copy the URL and place wherever you want to place it by visiting Layout option.

I recommend you to add all the pages [i.e T&C, Contact us, About us, Privacy Policy] in the footer. So that it can be easily visible to all your readers.

If You Want To Add Privacy Policy in Footer, Then -

1). Go to Layout >> Find out Footer section

Gadgets in blogger
2). Search for Pages and press the blue "+" icon next to it

Blogger setting

3). Mark out the Privacy Policy page and press the save button

Privacy policy page for blogger

That's it.

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Final Words

Having a privacy policy builds trust in your readers. Even Google AdSense asks for a privacy policy page in your blog. You cannot get approval without a policy page.

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