Hello guys, welcome back today i'm gonna share to "how to create a blog" article which is 3rd part of our blogging series. Hope you all are excited to learn this.

how to create a blog without investment

Firstly, i want to explain what is a blog?

Blog is a platform where people writes new & exclusive articles share their information, facts, news etc.

Have a blog and doing blogging can increase your knowledge & writing skills but only if you put efforts. People who're doing blogging for passion can earn decent income from that only you're smart enough in making money. We'll you can also start a blog, you'll need a well niche (topic), average writing skill & some tech knowledge. After that we'll help you, guide you & teach you everything via this blogging series. After some time we'll post an article about niche, it consists what is niche? & which is best niche for blogging? And much more. Keep in touch to learn blogging.

We'll teach you how you can create a blog through android mobile, PC method is almost same. Then you can start your blogging journey from any platform.

So, not taking much time let's start today's article -

How to create a free blog on blogger -

Step 1.)
Open your browser then login to your google account and  if don't have a google account you can create an account for free.

Step 2.)
After that go to the home page of blogger website or you can directly login to www.blogger.com.

Step 3.)
Here you'll see a box showing "create a blog" click on that & continue on the webpage.

Step 4.)
Now, a pop-up box will appear on your screen & they're asking for your blog title and a URL of new blog. Make sure title and URL of your blog is small, generic name & catchy as much as possible.

How to choose theme for blog

Step 5.)
And then below they were asking for selecting a theme, you can choose a theme also for your blog which is totally free of cost. Select a theme according to your choice and click on "create blog" button.

How to create a blog for free

That's all, you're ready to start your blogging journey. Click On "Create a new Post" to write your articles.

If you getting a pop-up of google domain then it's only for setting up a custom domain. 

How to buy domain for your site

If you want your domain name like .com/.org/.in then you can buy domain from there otherwise you can leave it buying session by clicking on "no thanks".

Final words -

Thanks for coming here guys, i hope you will learn good things from our blog. A humble request to all visitors please appreciate us for our work its give us motivation to do hard work for you.

We'll update articles time to time.