Importance of a contact us form -

•  Your readers can directly connect with you for any queries, feedback, suggestion, help or for any other purpose

•  It will be easy to contact with you for Sponsors or direct advertisers

•  AdSense or such other ads networks including affiliate marketing programs won't approve your request until you have a contact us page in your blog

how to create a contact us form for bogger

How To add a "Contact Us" form in blogger

1).  Visit from here

2).  Click on get started

create contact us form for bogger

3).  Sign up using anyone option i.e Facebook , Google account or g-mail (I recommend you to use the same mail that you have used to create your blog because all the Contact emails will be recieved there).

how to create a contact us form for blogger

4).  A confirmation Mail has been sent to your provided gmail account just verify that

5). Now in your POWr desktop, click on Create new plugin


6). Click on Search Plugin box and enter  Contact Form. Now you'll see a Result below i.e Contact Form, click on it

Blogging basic pages

7). In the form section, you'll see a screen like this

free contact us form

You can edit all things according to you. Still if you want my Guide or Opinion then continue these steps

8). Delete The Last name, Phone number options

remove unnecessary things

9). Edit the First name to Full name

Fill the information asked to you

10).  Click on add element >> Sections asnd ratings and select Dropdown

How to create a contact us form for free

11). Edit all the choice name

1) feedback
2) help
3) complain/report
4). Sponser
5). Others

create a free contact us form for blog

And click on Done

12). Now go to Setting Section and Click on Captcha and in the next page, enable it

how to create contact us form for your blog

Note - You can check the demo from view option

13). Go to design section and Click on add to site


14). In the next page you will see instruction on how to add contact form inyour blog (you can read there or continue below steps)

15). Click on copy code (as shown in below SS)

Generate code of contact us page

16). Go to blogger and visit Pages >> new page

basic pages in blog

17). Select HTML format and Paste the code there. Name the page from the title section as Contact Us

copy the code of contact us form in html of page

Tips - Click on settings and turn of commention

basic setting of blog pages

Save the page.

Click on view option and copy the URL of the contact us page and paste it on anywhere you want it to appear in your blog (either in footer or in menu). You can do it by visiting Layout option.

I recommend you to add all the important pages [i.e Privacy Policy, T&C, Contact us, About us] in footer.

If you want to add Contact us page in Footer than -

1). Go to layout and find out Footer section

how to add contact us page in layout of blog

2). Search for Pages gadgets and press Plus button next to it
How to setup a b;log basic settings

3). Mark out the Contact Page and save

How to add contact us form in blog layout
That's it

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Final Words 

Contact Us Form is one of the most important pages that you must have in your Blog either it's Blogger or WordPress. In his article we have told you about How to create a Contact Us form for blogger. I hope this article will help you. 

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