Hello guys, today i am going to tell you about very serious and important topic. So read it carefully to the end and if you will find this article useful then share it to the more peoples. Today, i'll tell you about Cybercrime. Most of the people might don’t know about Cybercrime.

We are living in the modern world. We are fully depends on technologies, we can also say that without technologies we are nothing. If we talk about technologies the main thing comes in our mind internet. If we take a look on its positive side it is very good, technologies made our daily life very easy, consecutive growth and development of technologies providing us new opportunities, making our works easy.

But with positive side it has also some negative side. With rapid growth of technologies it also provides new way of crimes to criminals. Some people in our society using these good and useful technologies in wrong way.


First Cybercrime is made up of two words “cyber” and “crime”. Cyber means computers or information technology and crime you all know that it means illegal activities. Criminals who perform these illegal activities called Cyber criminals. They can easily hack your personal mobiles, computers, personal information, and banks details.

How to tackle with cyber crime

Cybercrime growing rapidly and many people have become the victim of this crime. Criminals who perform this activity are professional hackers and with modifying technologies they are also becoming powerful day by day. There only solution of this problem is that we make people aware about this.

Let’s talks about different types of Cybercrime -


There are many types of CYBERCRIME and some of the most common types are mentioned below –

1.) HACKING – Hacking most common word we use in our daily life. Hacker word does not mean criminal, it means someone with an advanced and good understanding of computers and computer networks

There are two types of Hackers -

(i). White Hats – Someone who uses their computer knowledge in good works like computer security.

(ii). Black hats – Someone who uses their rare computer knowledge in criminal work and illegal activities like hacking people personal information, their phones and computers.

CYBERCRIMINALS mainly hack people mobiles, computers, so that they can get peoples personal information’s and later black mailed them. The main targets of black hats are celebrities, famous peoples. They can hack your mobiles and you don’t know when. And all your personal photos, messages, and details they get.

2.) CYBER TERRORISM – Through the name you can imagine what cyber terrorism is. Cyber criminals spread fake news on internet, social networks. They make posts on communities, countries, cast etc. They just want violence and the main aim of behind cyber terrorism is to create violence and destruction.

Sometimes cyber criminals spread some viruses in our phones and computers. After that virus our phone and computers data block until we pay some amount to activate service again. This cause great lose in economy and big financial damage.

In 2017, It was reported that the global cost of Cyber Terrorism more than $5 Billion Dollars.

3.) INTERNET FRAUD –  Today in this modern world we are completely depends upon technologies. Now we use internet in every second, and sometimes we get ads of money earning, charity etc. And due to greed some people get trapped. Charity, some of the peoples wants to help and donate some amount on internet. But they later find that, the site where the donate amount was fake.

4.) IDENTITY THEFT –  This is one of the most major problem. Due to technology now we can transfer our money from our phones online, can payment online and shopping. But cyber criminals access or steal peoples bank account details, credit cards and other information. After that they are able to withdraw cash from your account and you didn’t get it.

5.) CHILD PORNOGRAPHY AND ABUSE –  Now days everyone is connected with Internet. And Internet is now a convenient place for criminals to crime by accessing porn images or child pornography.

The cyber security of every nation spending a lot of time with child to reducing and preventing them from this harassment.


Every nation cyber security departments are working on making our security strong and inventing new software to tackle Cybercrime.

But it is also our responsibility to make or information more secure. Cyber criminals do not fight against each other instead they work together and that is the main reason of their unbreakable skills and group.

Now, there are some methods mentioned below which help to keep your network system and information secure –

1.) SETUP STRONG PASSWORDS – Use different passwords and usernames for each account. Change your password timely and check your security updates every day. Do not use easy passwords, they can be easily cracked. Always use strong passwords. There are some keywords and passwords combinations that will help you –

Use These Keywords - @  #  * /Capital and Small Both Letters / Use Numbers also.

Password combination – 123@PsysoxTech or PsysoxTech@123 or 123@Psysox#Tech etc.

2.) MAKE ACCOUNT PRIVATE – If you are using social networking sites, then make sure that always keep your personal information and account private. In my opinion don’t add personal details on your social networks account. Always set guard and privacy on your photos so that no one can download them.

3.) UNKNOWN NETWORKS – Never use any unknown linksapps, and mostly do not use ever any unknown WiFi source. Mostly people see free WiFi and connect their device to that network but they do not know that someone is waiting for them. Now cyber criminal send a virus in your device without your knowledge and now they are able to download you data.

So, Do not use any unknown network.

4.) SECURITY UPDATE – Always check for regular security update and update your device security regularly.

5.) FAKE CALLS & MESSAGES – If you get call or messages from another number and ask to provide your bank details and information. Never provide them your details because no banks calls or message you from unknown number and never ask for your bank details on calls.

And sometimes they told you that you won lottery of big amount and give us your bank details and some innocent and greedy people provide them all the information. And later they just can regret. Think that you never buy a lottery ticket, nor join any contest etc, then how you won. And if get this type of call, first inform cops.

NOTE – If you are a victim and encounter with illegal online charity fraud, exploitation. Do not panic, keep your mind cool and register your report to your local police station. Do not worry, definitely they will help you. It is better to help cops to caught cyber criminals than keeping quite.

If you are child or teenager and encounter with any cyber crime just talk to your parents, brother, sister or any other elder they will definitely help you.

NOTE –Never provide any one your Aadhar Card because now our everything mobile numbers, Bank accounts, Pan Card, School Documents etc. are linked with Aadhar Card and through your Aadhar Card anyone can steal your whole information.


Hope you like this article. And if you think that this article is useful and informative then share this to more people. So that no one will become the victim of cyber crime in future. And if any of your relative or neighbors encounter with cyber crime, help them and support them to inform police. Our information, our responsibility.

Thank You For Your Loving Support & Keep Sharing.