First of all you need to know that What is a Blog? How it works? If you came here then you would know about blogging but if you don't know then you can check here What is a Blog and Blogging?

Before starting a blog of any niche you need to know or keep in mind few things so that you don't face any problem in your future's blogging journey. It is required to know about these things for a blogger. So, don't skip any point & facts read out the full article.

Things before starting a blog

An effective blogger should know about his readers expectation & necessity. So that, he can clear their doubts and problems. But without knowing what a blogger actually needs when he started a blog is impossible. Here are the few things mentioned below which you need to know before starting a blog -

1. Purpose of Blogging

The first thing you need to ask yourself that why you want to do blogging?  There are are hundreds of reasons for blogging. May be you want to share your knowledge, also you can start a travel or food blog etc. But you need a solid reason. Because, if you don't have any idea about why you want to start a blog then you will definitely stuck somewhere in between. There are countless blogs that are publishing from very time and in this case how will you compete with them without any purpose. 

So, if you want to start a blog you need a purpose. We are giving you a million dollars advice and just demotivating you all because many people who are in blogging without any purpose can't go further any stuck at a time due to lack of purpose. Best opinion in my perception is you can start a blog on niches like lifestyle, sports, news, travelling and many others. But you need to deep research about any topic while writing article.

2. Investments Involvement

While starting a blog, you will need to invest some amount first. Then, you need to buy a perfect domain for your blog, hosting and template. You can also start a blog for free How To Create a Blog For Free?  But in a free blog there are many limitations and privacy policies. 

We will suggest you to if you are a well at writing and having great desire to start a business so you should buy domain and other stuffs otherwise go for a free blog if you are a beginner and think about things later. When you feel that you can keep the flow same without any problem then you can buy domain and web hosting for your blog.

3. Takes Time and Efforts

If you want success you need to have patience and hard work because the best thing of time is that it changes
There are many successful bloggers who are running their blogs and the reason of their success is hard work and time for their work. May be it will take a lot of time but you need to have patience and hard work. If your goal is clear the you will definitely get success.

From my experience it will take more than 1 year but you need to motivate yourself and keep working with full excitement.

4. Earning Money

Money is one of the reason for blogging. I am agree with you that everyone start blogging for money, but sharing their real knowledge with people without direction is waste of time. And if you want to earn through your passion then you are on right way. Blogging means sharing of knowledge with others, after sharing correct knowledge & accurate data to others you can think about money. Content should always first priority and then money, thinking about money after serving content is right approach.

So if you want to start a blog, then start your  own blog first for better experience, if you really have an aim of helping people you will definitely get your pay.

But if one reason of blogging is to share your knowledge around the world, then you will be happy even if few people are reading your articles and finding them useful.

5. Learn Basics Of Blogging

Without learning nothing is possible in this world. Think if you never went to school and after 16 year suddenly your parents sent you for 12th board exam, how you will feel!. Like school there is also some basic without which if you start a blog then you never be successful.

So if you want to start a blog then first learn basic of blog like SEO (search engine optimization), backlinks, html, way to represent your post and many other things.

Through my personal experience to learn blog basics you don't need too much time if you learn them with your 100%.

So if you are starting blog after reading all the points mentioned above then all the best. And always remember one thing that if you didn't get success in first attempt then don't be sad and start your work again with more energy and correct your mistakes.

Final Words -

This article will be updated over time so that you all know more tips for blogging. And as i told you in the first phase of this article that we have started a new series of blogging from today, it means that we are coming up with a lot more blogging articles. So if you do not want to miss them then make sure you subscribe to our blog through the newsletter form.

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Last updated 12/01/2020 at 10:00 AM.