oday's article is going to be different from other articles of Psysox tech. As you have already read the title of this article, now from today we are adding a new series for bloggers, this means that from today onward you are also going to get knowledge of blogging.

So this is our first article about tips to keep in mind before starting a blog.
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Things before starting a blog

1.  You Must Have Patience

Yes ! You read this right, patience. This is really one of the most important factor not just for a blogger, but it should be in every person throughout the journey of achieving their goals.
Once you start knowing the importance of patience in your life, then your fear of failure will decreased automatically.

There are hundreds of bloggers who didn't earned a single dollar in the first year of their blogging career but still they worked hard like their first day and then started earning slowly after a year later and now it's now been 8 to 10 years and their monthly income is about 40000$+.

For more information you can Google about bloggers income report.

You have definitely heard "Fail means First Attempt In Learning"

Also “Failure Is Not The Opposite of Success, It’ Part of Success.”

So the outcome is "Keep Working Harder , If You Fail It Is Not Going To End Your Career, But It Can Make You Wise If You Have The Ability To Come Out Of Failure"

2. Purpose Of Your Blog 

If you are thinking about to starting a blog then you should have a unique purpose. Because everyday many people starts blogging without any purpose and they start writing about so many different topics and at last when they have nothing remains they also start copy and paste and at the end when they apply for Google AdSense, Google AdSense reject their application.

So if you want to start a blog then you should have a real purpose through which you can share your knowledge to many peoples. If your purpose is right then surely you will get success.

3.  Money is not the only purpose

Please listen carefully, money is one of the reason for blogging. I am agree with you that everyone start blogging for money, but they are also sharing their real knowledge with people. And if you earning through your passion then this not wrong. 

So if you want to start a blog, please start your blog if you really have an aim of helping people.

But if one reason of blogging is to share your knowledge around the world, then you will be happy even if few people are reading your articles and finding them useful.

4.  Time And Efforts Are The Most Needed Factors

There are thousand of way to earn money online and blogging is the harder one. A I already mentioned at the above point, money is not only reason for blogging.

So if your dream to earn money a thousands of dollars in a very few month or within next six months, then I request you to stop reading this article, and just go and watch cartoons.

But if you understand the above points then I am assured to tell you that may be you can't earn 1000 dollars in the first month, but with your continuous hard work and efforts, one day you will definitely able to earn more than 1000$ dollars a month.

5. Learn Basics Of Blog 

Without learning nothing is possible in this world. Think if you never went to school and after 16 year suddenly your parents sent you for 12th board exam, how you will feel!. Like school there is also some basic without which if you start a blog then you never be successful.

So if you want to start a blog then first learn basic of blog like seo ( search engine optimization), backlinks, html, way to represent your post and many other things.

Through my personal experience to learn blog basics you don't need too much time if you learn them with your 100%.

So if you are starting blog after reading all the points mentioned above then all the best.
And always remember one thing that if you did't get success in first attempt then don't be sad and start your work again with more energy and correct your mistakes.

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