Facebook is the most used social network all over the world. Almost all of us are now know that it takes a lot of data of its users for the sake of its advertisement.

Most of us are not aware of it, but Facebook keeps tracking our location even if we are not using it.

How to stop Facebook from tracking your location in android and iOS

But if you are sensitive about your digital privacy then you definitely will hate that the browser extension like Facebook has tabs on you.

So here I am with a new article, which is about "How to Stop Facebook from Tracking Our Location". There are different methods for Android and iOS but don't worry in this article I have written the method for both devices.

So now, Without any further delay, let's begins -

How to turn off "Use my location" in android

For Android 6.0+

1).  Go to Mobile settings and search for "apps" option. Tap when you find it out

How to update apps of your mobiles

2).  Now, Search for Facebook Application >> Permission >> Turn off/unable the location button. It's done

Stop facebook tracking location

[For below 6.0 -> Go to settings >> Security & location >> location and click on turn off location services]

Now next is to turn off location from Facebook Application

1).  Open The Facebook application >> Go to menu

2).  Click "privacy shortcut" >> Manage your Location Settings"

Stop Facebook from tracking your location  How to stop Facebook from tracking your location

3).  Now, select "Location access" and Turn off/unable the "Background location" option

How to stop Facebook from tracking your location

Stop Facebook from tracking your location everywhere - iOS

1.  First of Go to your iOS setting application

2.  Now, go to Privacy

3.  Click on Location services

4.  Search for Facebook Application

5.  Then, select "While using the application"

6.  Set that to "Never"

• Done !         


So in this Article I have share "How to stop Facebook from tracking your location". I have mentioned both for Android and iOS. After using above methods Facebook will no longer will track you, be it while using the app or in the background. So I hope you liked the article. For more such helpful articles You can subscribe our newsletter to get all our updates through your g-mail notification.
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