It's a very disgusting moment when we surf on a site or play online games and suddenly a pop-up appears in the screen. No doubt, We all are irritated with pop-ups and ads.

How to stop irritating  pop up ads

•  But why do we need to bear these pop-up ads ?

-  Well ! These ads are the source of income for websites, games, or any particular application in which they appear.

•  So now the question arises, is it necessary to face these ads ?

-   We can say that these Ass are Necessary evil, necessary because we are getting free knowledge through internet and these advertisements are the source of income for the site in which ads are shown.

But still you can stop these pop-ups from your browser settings. There is no need to go anywhere or ask someone for help in such a case. You can do it yourself by following the steps given below.

1).  Stop Pop-up ads on chrome Browser 

1).  Open Chrome App

2).  Click on menu button

how to block ads on chrome

3).  Go to settings and then click on Site-Settings

How to stop ads by chrome setting

4).  Scroll down you'll find "pop-ups and redirection" option. Tap there and Unable the option (if enabled)

How to stop pop up ads from your screen

5). Now go one step back, just below "pop-ups and redirection" option you'll find a "Ads" option. Click on it and unable it (if enabled)

Block pop up ads

2).  Stop Pop-up ads on android in Samsung internet -

So if you are a Samsung user then it is very easy to stop these pop-up ads. It is a little bit different from other browsers. But don't worry it's damn easy Just follow these step

1).  In Samsung internet, go to setting

2).  Simply, tap on advanced settings

3).  You'll see a option named "pop-up blocker". Just enable the feature. It's done. You will no longer see these pop-ups now.

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Ad free browsers | Best alternatives for Chrome Browser

•  Opera Browser -

How to stop notification from any browser

It is one of the best browser available on internet. It contains a built-in ad-blocker due to which you don't have to face unwanted advertisements.

Total Downloads  -  100 M+

Rating  -  4.5/5

Total Reviews  -  6.0 M+

Apk Size - 8.3 MB

Even you don't need to setup anything on the Opera browser. Simply download from below (Google play store link) >> install and start surfing sites without facing pop-ups or ads

Downloading links |Tap here to downloadAlternative Link

•  Ad-block browser -

Apps to block browsers ads

As the name suggests, this browser is totally ad free.

Total downloads (on Play store) - 10 M+ 

Rating -  4.0

Total reviews - 120 k+

App size - 33 MB

 If you want then you can download this app from below provided link

Downloading links |Tap here to Download| Alternative Link

Conclusion -

Above are the methods to stop pop-ups and advertisement on different browsers. If you are still facing any problem then you can ask for help by contacting us through contact us form or you may comment in the comment section. We will surely reply you as soon as possible.
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