Did you guys ever dropped your smartphone into the water ?? Surely at that moment your world would have stopped after all, it's expensive and you may also be beaten by your parents for this mistake. But seriously you'll never wanna face that fearful moment again in your life.

Save your expensive and smart phone from water

It's true that we have many waterproof smartphone in the market now. If you have one then you should not be here in this article, but in case you don't have then you can continue reading.

There is a Saying "The Worst Happens When You Are Least Expecting It".

So, Here are The Tips to Protect Your Smartphones From Water Damage -

Obviously! The first thing you can do is take out the phone from water as soon as possible. The longer it stay inside the water, the more water goes inside it.

Things What Not To Do -

*  Don't even try to switch on (if switched off).
*  Don't try to put your smartphone on charge.
*  Don't use blow on smartphone (it may sends water in those parts where water isn't reached yet).
*  Don't shake it or tap/press any button.
*  Don't try to provide any heat. It can make more damage.

Now, Do These Things -

1.  Remove the battery (if removable), sim , memory card from their slots.

2.  Now take a dry cloth to clean the water from it.

3.  For internal parts you can use vacuum to carefully sucks the water inside it. (if you don't have vacuum skip this point)

4.  Next is, you have to take a zip lock bag full of uncooked rice. Put your phone inside it, (rice is one of the best liquid absorbing substance and a common method for drying smartphones and such gadgets like tablet). Leave your phone in it for 1-2 days.

If you don't have rice at home then quickly keep your smartphone below the sun rays to dry it. Throughout the process don't try to check that it still working or not just keep it at a place where sun rays directly falls in it. Follow this for 2-3 days.

5.  After some days take your smartphone and try to switch it on. If it doesn't switch on then try charging it.

6.  If it's turn on and starts working as before, you still have to keep our eyes on it for some days to check if it's doing proper work now. Play music to check the speaker and make sure the screen is working properly or not.

Tips To Prevent Water Damage -

-  If your smartphone is not yet dipped in the water, here are some tips to ensure that this problem will never occur.

- to rescue your phone from any type of water damage you must use water resistant cases.


So, guys if you have any smartphone repairing shop near you then i strictly recommend you to go there. In case, if you are unable to do so because of any reason then this article may help you out. I hope you like this one. 

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