Have you ever accidentally dropped your smartphone in water ? Surely, it was happened with you once, your world must have stopped at that moment, it is expensive and you can even be beaten by your parents for this mistake. But seriously you will never want to face that dreadful moment in your life.

There are so many cases when people accidentally drop their phones in water. And then if you ask in service center to repair your phone they charges high amount. But there are some methods through which you can turn on your phone safely in your home. So, read out the full article.

How To Secure A Smartphone Which Was Accidentally Immersed in Water ?

Obviously! The first thing you can do is take out the phone from water as soon as possible. The longer it stay inside the water, the more water goes inside it.

Don'ts : Things What Not To Do -

*  Don't even try to switch it on.
*  Don't put your smartphone on charge.
*  Don't use blow on smartphone (it may sends water in those parts where water isn't reached yet).
*  Don't press any keys.
*  Don't try to use phone.

Do's : Things That You Can Do -

1. Remove Battery Of Your Smartphone -

If the battery of your phone is removable then remove the battery. This will reduce the chances of Short circuit inside the phone and also reduces phone damage.

And Take Off The Removable Parts -

Every phone includes sim cards, memory cards so take them out. The best thing of memory card and SIM cards is they doesn't affect early from water.

2. Dry Your Smartphone With Dry Cloth -

You can dry the visible areas of phone with the help of dry cloth. Do it carefully and remember do not blow or shake your phone.

3. Put "Silica Gel" On Your Smartphone -

Silica Gel is a packet containing small beads which is quite helpful in absorbing moisture, they are designed to absorb and hold water vapor & humidity. Commonly, there are found in box of shoes, bag or with packaging of electronic items. Usually 'DO NOT EAT' precaution printed on the cover. Having the great ability of absorbing moisture, it makes very useful for us.

Put some silica gel packets on the smartphone for 6-8 hours properly. So that, it absorbs all the moisture from your device.

4. Remove Water From Hidden Areas -

You can dry the phone from outside with the help of dry cloth but it is hard to dry the hidden areas of phone.
  • Use Dry Rice - This is the most common and best method for drying phones. Put your phone into a container or zip lock bag of uncooked rice. Rice will absorb all the moisture from the phone and dried it out. Wait for 24 - 48 hours so that your phone dried out completely.

5. Hair Dryer Method -

Using a hair dryer for drying your smartphone is good idea but a little bit risky. Hair dryer dry all the excess moisture form inside &  also helps to prevent from corrosion. It is logical process to use, as heat evaporates liquids, and a hair dryer increases the rate of this process.

But the problem with this method is, if you use a hair dryer for more than 10 minutes it may can harm your device or even it can melts special adhesives which are used to stick micro parts of your device. So that, I want to suggests you that use hair dryer carefully or in certain interval of time.

6. Turn On & Check It's Working Properly Or Not - 

After one or two days check the phone whether it dried or not. If the phone get dried you can try to turn it on. Check the sound system of phone, if your phone is touch screen then make sure that the touch of phone is working well.

If The Phone Not Turned On -

If your phone don't turn on, then plugin the charger and wait if the phone responds then may be your battery got damaged. 

NOTE - If still your phone is responding then we will suggest you to your nearby service center without any further delay.

Tips To Prevent Water Damage -

  1. Don't use phone while bathing or swimming.
  2. Try to use water resistant cases for your phones.
  3. If your phone is waterproof then don't try to put in water to show off. 
  4. During rains try to keep your phone safe.


So, guys if you have any smartphone repairing shop near you then I strictly recommend you to go there. In case, if you are unable to do so because of any reason then this article may help you out. I hope you like this & if it was useful to you make sure it should spread to all. So that everyone will aware about these precautions. 

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