Hello guys, today I am back with some new tricks that can surprise and amaze your friends. Here i am sharing some WhatsApp tricks. Are you using WhatsApp? Still you don’t know all the features and tricks of WhatsApp? If no now you can know all the features and tricks easily. “WE are here, so kick away your fear”.

amazing feature and tricks of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the best most popular messaging app. This app changed the way of messaging, sharing. Now days even everyone are using WhatsApp and more than 1 billion active users are using this. It is very simple and safe to use that’s why it is the best way to chat and connect with people. But many of us and new users still do not know all the features and tricks of WhatsApp. So today i am here with some new and some old tricks of WhatsApp.

So, without taking so much time let’s start.


First we will start with some common and simple tricks –

1.) Hide Your Status and Visible To Selected People

WhatsApp give us an option to share photos and videos on our WhatsApp status. Here we can share our daily thoughts, videos and photos. All the peoples that are available in your contact list can see your status that you upload. But sometimes we want to share some jokes photos with or friends but can’t share with relatives. So we do not share these things to our status. Now you can share status without any fear it is possible. You can select peoples to see your status and hide it from parent, teachers and relatives.
For this follow the steps given below –

Go to WhatsApp > Setting > Privacy > Status

Now you will get three options.

how to hide Whatsapp status 
1. My Contacts – if you enable this option then you can share your status with all your contacts.
2. My Contact Except – here you can hide your status from the people you want.
3. Only Share With – here you can select the people whom with you want to share your status. 

2. How To Change Text Font Without Changing Font Setting Of Your Phone

Sometimes we get bored from text font of WhatsApp and try many apps and setting to change font but it does not work. Now you can text with different font without any app any setting. It is very easy I am sure it is very interesting.
For Bold Font – To make bold text, just do one thing add star (*) at the starting of text and at the end of the text.

For example – If you type *I like you* and send it will appear as I like you.

For Italic Font – To make italic text, just do like bold font add an underscore (_) at the starting and at the end of the text.

For example – If you type _I like you_ and send it will appear as I like you.

For Strike-through – To make strike-through text, like above two just add (~) at the starting and the end of the text.

For example – If you type ~I like you~ and send it will appear as I like you.

    How to Change fonts in whatsapp

3. Enable Two-Step Verification On WhatsApp

There are also many tricks on Google that will taught you about spying, through which any one can steal your WhatsApp personal contacts, chats, photos etc. So here I teach you how to protect your WhatsApp data from others.
To protect your WhatsApp account follows the step given below -

Go to WhatsApp > Setting > Account > Two-step verification.

                         What is two step verification and how to use it

In two-step verification it will ask you to set a six digit code. After that whenever anyone tries to spying your account from other device, WhatsApp ask six digit code set up by you. Now, no one can steal you WhatsApp data.

4. Pin Chats To Top Of  The Chat

All we have some people like some business partners, girlfriend/boyfriend, friend, groups etc. Sometimes we find difficult to find them in our contact and it took too much time. Now you can you don’t need to find them.

              WhatsApp tricks

 Just long press on the contact and tap the pin icon given at the top. Now whenever you will open your WhatsApp they will always appears at the top.

5. Listen Voice Messages Privately Without Any Headphones

It is one of the most amazing trick. I sure it will definitely surprise your friend. Sometimes we don’t have any headphone and we get a voice message from girlfriend/ boyfriend and friends. Sometimes we get those messages in public and in front of house members. That time just one thing came in our mind what type of message and how I listen it without headphone what will happen if other people listen it. Now do not worry there is an amazing trick that will help you to listen voice message without any headphones.
You need to just place your phone near your ear like you place while calling someone and play the voice message. Do not worry it will be played directly into your ears without playing it through speakers.
Comment after using this trick.

6. You Can Reply Privately From WhatsApp Group

Sometime we are in a group and want to send message privately to only one person but we do not how? Now you can reply privately from group.
Follow the steps given below –

     1.Open WhatsApp.

     2.Open group conversation.

     3.Long press on the message that you want or whom you want send a private message.

     4.Now tap on the info icon.

     5.Now just click on reply privately.

how to reply privately from WhatsApp group

7. Hide Your WhatsApp Group Videos And Photos From Gallery

Sometimes we don’t know what content is coming in our phones through WhatsApp groups, and later when we open our gallery we find them there. Mostly boys they make their personal groups for fun and share non-veg jokes and other their personal chats but sometimes when we are not online and our friends share photos and videos in groups and later sometime it creates a big problem when some of our parents check our gallery.
Now you can hide media of some groups in gallery. So don’t worry if there is problem then we have solution.

STEP 1:  Now open your WhatsApp account.

STEP 2:  Open the group that media you want to hide.

STEP 3:  Tap on the group name
      STEP 4:  Click to media visibility.
      STEP 5:  Click on No option.

how to stop group media download automatically 

 WhatsApp tips And tricks

NOTE: But this method will only hide new upcoming media.

8. Share Your Live Location On WhatsApp

Now you can also share your current and live location through WhatsApp in just few steps.

Click on attachment > Click on map > Select and share (current location, live location)

Send anyone your real time location From WhatsApp

Google map on WhatsApp

9. Hide Your WhatsApp Chats

You want hide your chats? Girlfriend?  Boyfriend ?
Can I help you? OK just do it, long press on the contact whose chat you want to hide and click on the option mentioned in the picture. You will find at the bottom of the all the contacts as archived.

How to hide WhatsApp chats without deleting them

10. Highlight Important Messages

If you want to mark or highlight important message like mobile number, address, etc.

·    Now long press on the message that you want to mark and then tap the star icon  

·    You can see stared messages by clicking on triple dot menu icon on the home screen of WhatsApp.

How to highlight important messages on WhatsApp   

How to see starred messages on WhatsApp


If you like tricks then share and comment. Do not use any tricks which will creates problem for you and others.