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            Xuzhou More Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
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            Talent strategy is always being an important constituent part of our development strategy. Our tenet is “Employing Right Ones and Utilizing All Abilities”. Our long-standing principle of “Attracting Talents and Developing Talents” is the core of our talent strategy. In the growth process of our company, the top-quality talents guarantee its firm leading position in the industry.


            With the culture philosophy of “People-oriented”, we value talents as our first resources based on which our enterprise develops and goes through competition. We offer wide space for personal development and sound environment for individual growth and have established an effective performance assessment and motivation system, rich culture and attractive benefit package. In addition, we also employ a complete set of scientific human resource management system for talent recruitment, selection, employment and exploitation. All above are offered to make every person who is ambitious and competent to use all his abilities at his position and to achieve his ambition.


            Add: Menggou Industrial Zone, Xuzhou Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, China

            Fax: +86-516-87870458

            E-Mail: mol@xzmol.com

            Url: www.psysoxtech.com

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