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            Xuzhou More Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
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            about us

            Our company is located in famous ancient city- Xuzhou City with beautiful environment and convenient transportation condition. It is 6 kilometers to Xuzhou Railway Station and there is National road 104 nearby. Our company is specialized in the development and production of high quality chemical products, pharmaceutical raw material and intermediate.

            1. High quality inorganic and organic salt
            ammonium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, ferrous sulfate, ferrous sulfate, aluminium potassium sulfate, sodium thiosulfate, zinc chloride, zinc chloride, ammonium oxalate, sodium tungstate and so on.

            2. Fine chemical products
            Glass strengthening powder, laminating adhesive, ethanol for disinfection, solid chlorine dioxide and etc.

            3. Electronic chemical products
            capacitor grade boric acid, capacitorgradephosphoric acid, ammonium pentaborate octahydrate, adipic acid, adipic acid, ammonium salt and so on.

            4. Organic pharmaceutical intermediate
            Chlorobutanol , 1,2,4-Butanetriol , Dihydroxydimethyldiphenylmethanedisulphonic acid polymer and so on.

            Our company has built long term and solid cooperation relationship with universities and research organizations.
            In addition our company has advanced technique and equipment, complete testing instrument, stable quality product and outstanding after-sale service. We believe our company is our optional selection.


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